September 05, 2005

September's Read: _Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress_ by Dai Sijie

I have been a devoted lurker since Wynne invited me to join this cozy little group, and since she asked me to pick Sept's book, I ransacked my "to read" shelf and came up with this short novel. I picked it up at Costco (I simply can't get out of that store without at least one book in my basket--am I the only one?) and thought it would be good for this group because it's about...reading. More specifically, it's about the Chinese Cultural Revolution and two boys who discover a forbidden stash of Western classics. On a personal note, I'm interested in learning all I can about Chinese culture because my husband and I are considering a Chinese adoption program.

By the way, if this is too short for you more ravenous bookish types--and I've noticed that you tend to hit the heavy ones--I have another Chinese one for you once you finish this one: _Iron and Silk_ by Mark Salzman. I teach Freshman English at BYU and I use this one in class as a great example of personal essay writing (as opposed to their samples, which tend toward "Dude, that was like way awesome.")